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Companion Animal Trusts

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Position Statement

The following statement reflects the opinion of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

The APDT recognizes that animal companions sometimes outlive their humans and may be left homeless, despite a caring owner's best efforts to make provisions for their pet's care. In most states, money and other assets cannot legally be left to non-human animals in a will, which means that animal companions are often left without a home or adequate care after their owner's death, even though that person attempted to provide for them. In recent years, a small number of states have passed legislation allowing for trust funds to be set up to provide for companion animals following the death or disability of the owner. It gives owners comfort and peace of mind to know that their beloved pets are guaranteed to be well cared for in the event of the owner's death or incapacitation. It also reduces the number of animal companions that end up homeless at already overburdened animal shelters.

Therefore, the APDT supports laws that enable pet owners to arrange for trust funds or other legal vehicles to provide for the care of their animal companions in the event of the owner's death or incapacitation.


APDT Board of Directors


Approved 1/17/03

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