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Beth Duman, Dip CB

Beth Duman, Dip CB
Beth Duman, Dip CB

Originally a high school biology teacher, Beth Duman has been doing wolf education programs in Michigan since 1972 and has been the Michigan representative for Wolf Park since 1974.

She has lectured to over 1,000 groups,  including the American Veterinary  Medical Association,  the Timber Wolf Alliance,  the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers, The Nordjyllands Dyreadfaerdsklinik,  and the International Wolf Center. She has served on the Michigan Citizen’s Committee for Endangered Species and works with the DNR Hunter Outreach Program which annually reaches hundreds of Upper Peninsula hunters with information about Michigan’s endangered wolves. Thirty-three years ago, Beth and her husband Bob raised an educational wolf named Nahanni who visited over 300 schools in Michigan.  Beth continues to lecture in school with her domestic dogs as assistants.
As a former wolf owner, Beth speaks from direct experience about the wolf’s majestic image versus the practical realities of wildlife in captivity.  Her experience working with wolves, dogs, and wolf hybrids complements her association with both captive and wild wolf researchers allowing a broad overview of both wolf and dog behavior.

Beth’s book, Differentiating Great Lakes Area Native Wild Wolves from Dogs and Wolf Dog Hybrids, is widely used as an identification reference by conservation officers and other wildlife professionals.

Beth is an accomplished positive dog trainer. She has been doing positive dog training for over 15 years and is one of the main trainers for Dog Scouts of America. She lives in Michigan, USA with her husband and four talented dogs.


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