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Lauren Fox, BA, CPDT-KA

Lauren Fox, BA, CPDT-KA
Lauren Fox, BA, CPDT-KA

Lauren's roots in training and rescue began when she worked in veterinary clinics in Florida and Colorado while completing her degrees at Florida State University and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. As she became more involved with abandoned and abused rescue dogs, she recognized the need for rehabilitation through training.

She became interested in positive reinforcement methods of dog training in 1995 when her 2-year old American Pitbull Terrier, Obsidian (aka "Sid"), stopped working for her in the middle of an obedience dog show. She knew she needed a non-forceful way to train Sid, and she sought a method of training that they would both enjoy. Research led to Lauren's discovery of Karen Pryor's groundbreaking training book Don't Shoot the Dog, and Ian Dunbar's lure/reward methods. This inspired her to study under an accomplished animal behaviorist and develop training methods that worked on the most problematic of dogs. Within a year, Sid entered the world of agility and became the first American Pitbull Terrier to compete in the state of Colorado, earning over ten titles during his record-breaking career. Lauren and Sid's relationship deepened to a level she never knew could exist between a dog and his owner. Still active at fifteen-years-old, Sid remains Lauren's inspiration for her passion about teaching others positive reinforcement methods of dog training.

Lauren has been the Executive Director of Colorado Springs' All Breed Rescue & Training since 1998. On the training side of the organization she teaches group classes, provides private consultations, evaluations, and counseling. Through its rescue arm, she rescues and re-homes more than 100 dogs a year, and has personally fostered over 90 dogs. She presents training demonstrations and seminars at animal shelters, schools, libraries, and veterinary practices. She has taught both high school and college level courses in animal behavior, and has clicker trained and rehabilitated hundreds of animals.

Lauren is a frequent contributor to print, radio and televised media, including Dog Fancy and Bully Breed magazines, and The APDT Chronicle of the Dog. She is a recognized speaker and presenter at national conferences: Pet Sitters International, Continental Kennel Club's Breeders, as well as the APDT Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show.



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