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John Rogerson

John Rogerson
John Rogerson

John Rogerson is the founder and principal lecturer of the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour. He is widely acclaimed as the world's leading dog trainer and behaviorist, having pioneered the majority of techniques that have now become standard practice in behavior therapy and training. John is the author of at least eight books, has produced two DVDs, and has run courses on training and behavior for a wide variety of organizations across the world.

Anyone currently engaged in the study of canine behavior and training knows John as one of the most sought after speakers on the subject in the world today. John was delighted when he was awarded the coveted Kennel Club Accreditation at a ceremony at the Kennel Club in London in 2009.

John is a founder member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counselors, is the founder of Support Dogs, and a founder member of the Kennel Club accreditation scheme for dog trainers and behaviourists.



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