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Judy Warth

Judy Warth
Judy Warth

Judy has been blessed and educated by animals all of her life. Her experiences with hand-feeding a baby robin, rescuing and raising orphaned opossums, and training a deaf, twelve year old beagle, Walter (who was found abandoned in a barn) contributed to her broad knowledge and love of animal behavior.

Judy received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa in 1993, and has spent over two decades training people with disabilities using non-aversive, positive training technologies. Fate and opossums led these two worlds to merge in 1999, when she began working at Spot and Company.

As a trainer at Spot and Company, Judy teaches pet dog classes for puppies, beginners, advanced beginners, Rally-O and agility. She has been active in designing and piloting classes for shelter dogs and volunteers for the Iowa City Care and Adoption Center. Her experiences and outlook bring a unique flavor to classes that are designed to help people and dogs have fun while learning to live, love and learn from each other. Spot and Company trains hundreds of dogs each year, promoting dog-friendly training through the use of positive reinforcement, food rewards and games.

For her work with dog training, Judy received the Entrepreneurship Benefiting Animals Award from the Johnson County Humane Society in 2006.

Judy currently lives with; Georgia, a wonderful Russian Shrew Hound (a beautiful, red mixed-breed dog); Malik, a German Shorthair/Lab mix; and the baby Samson, a yellow lab fruitcake!



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