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How Much and How Soon Can I Really Use The Stuff They Talk About at the APDT Conference?

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Date: July 17, 2009

Author: P.J. Lacette

July 17, 2009 - How quickly can you integrate the great tips you pick up at APDT conferences into your dog training programs? My experience has been that you can often use the information as quickly as you hear it. There have been times I heard a great phrase or a new benefit of a method I was already using, and shared it in callbacks during the conference.

Other times the information gleaned is of such a transformational nature, affecting your training program down to its bedrock, that you may take weeks or months to revamp outlines to reflect your change in thinking or technique.

After watching Karen Pryor, Gary Wilkes and Sue Sternberg demonstrate clicker training at the second APDT conference, we rapidly incorporated clicker training into our Dunbar-inspired lure-reward program, ending up with the longest-running group clicker classes in the southeast U.S.

Our 2009 day-long session on fear and anxiety will certainly affect many new trainers that way, as Ian Dunbar affected so many of us decades ago. The upcoming session, and related programs on innovative techniques for aggressive dogs, are likely to positively impact the future of thousands of dogs and their families as speakers provide a wealth of updated research and tips for experienced trainers as well.

Previous conference speakers led me to specialize in aggression counseling, and helped me develop a workshop for aggressive dogs that attracts dogs and handlers from throughout the southeast U.S.

Certainly the motivation and excitement you take away will show up from the very first day you step back into your regular, post-conference life.



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