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What is an APDT Conference Border Collie?

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Date: July 17, 2009

Author: Rebecca Ramsey Fenton

July 17, 2009 - According to the AKC, the Border Collie is the workaholic of the dog world, world’s premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct and working ability. Medium-sized and athletic, the breed controls stock with stalking movement and an intense gaze known as "eye." The Border Collie coat can be rough or smooth and includes any color in bi-color, tri-color, merle, sable, or solid patterns.

According to the APDT, the Border Collie is the workaholic of our annual conference.  Appreciated for its dedication to a smooth running conference, able to herd attendees to the right sessions, assist during demos, help at the doors checking name badges, answering questions, herding folks to their seats and helping during breaks. The APDT Border Collie can be any size and coat color is unimportant.  APDT Border Collies are the backbone that helps the Conference run smoothly. It is the opportunity to meet lots of new people, form new friendships and get the satisfaction of a job well done.

There are wonderful perks in being a BC. The fun of all of the above, a free Conference T-shirt and the opportunity to apply for a staff position at the next Conference! Who knows what random rewards we may intermittently toss you?

If this sounds like a good time, please send an email to Include your name, address, phone, email and when you will be arriving at the conference. Feel free to let us know why you would like to be a Border Collie. Conference Puppies are welcome too!


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