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Oakland Zoo trip with Lisa Clifton-Bumpass and Margaret Rousser

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Date: July 28, 2009

Author: APDT

July 28, 2009 - As dog trainers using positive reinforcement and marking behaviors, we have all had many clients that often don’t see how these techniques work for their dog.  Why can’t you just push your dog’s bottom into sitting?

One of the best ways to really demonstrate the value of our training is to compare how these techniques we use with the dogs are put into action within zoos and marine life parks all over the world. 

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass brings the dog trainer perspective, coming from 10 years of dog class instruction, and she and Margaret Rousser combine to showcase how our dog training techniques are applied to work with all kinds of animals.

Their special field study presentation on Friday, October 23rd gets you hands-on experience at the Oakland Zoo.  While there, you will enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at daily zoo life and enjoy practicing in the Children’s Zoo with pigmy goats. 

Come experience another side of training! See how training a dog and a goat over-laps and how similar two species can be when it comes to learning.  You will also take home skills to both enhance your own training as well as your clients.



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