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Confessions of a Conference Puppy by Derby McKendry

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Date: August 17, 2009

Author: Nila McKendry

August 17, 2009 - I attended my very first APDT conference in Louisville, KY in 2008 where I was living at that time.   I actually didn't get to attend the whole conference but the part that I did go to sure was worth it.  See, I had special accommodations at the Kentucky Humane Society and was asked to help the people from the conference learn some new behaviors.  I think I was asked to participate because I had some very special talents like jumping and a mouth fetish and energy and barking and getting very excited about meeting other dogs and, and, well I am very special so I could go on with the list but Nila says I should be sharing my APDT experience not discussing my talents.  Come on now, who better to write the Confessions of a Conference Puppy than an actual conference puppy?

Anyway, I participated in 2 sessions with the people who worked  to teach me human manners to make me even more adorable.  It was so much fun to get to learn new things.  Each person was a little different but I think that was okay because it allowed me some free expression as well.  From my perspective, I think my KHS friends and I did a good job of teaching the humans about dog behavior too.  At least everyone seemed pleased and talked about going home and trying the things they learned on their dogs and students at home.

The best part of my experience was the networking, making new friends and getting to meet Nila who recognized my potential and saw how hard I was working to learn new things and to do my job to teach my human partners that she decided we were meant to build our own partnership.  She came back to the KHS the very next day and adopted me.  I have really taught her a lot too – well, we have taught each other a lot and it because of what we have learned at the APDT conferences through the years.

Thank you for letting my share my thoughts with you all and I hope your experience in 2009 will be as great as mine was in 2008.

Derby McKendry (formally known as Tyra Banks because of my fierce posing)


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