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Dr. Ian Dunbar to Speak at 2009 APDT Conference

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Date: September 05, 2009

Author: Kellyann Conway

September 5, 2009 - Dr. Ian Dunbar - Have you heard of this guy? I hear he’s pretty good. Just kidding! Okay if you have never seen Dr. Dunbar speak raise your hand (insert crickets chirping here) His talks are always energizing and inspirational (just in case you haven’t heard of him). 

Fear and Loathing & Separation Fun is the first talk being presented by Dr. Dunbar. I loved reading the description of this lecture!  Count me in for this one. I have also often thought that many dogs have been labeled with separation anxiety when they are simply just relishing in a free for all of fun once their people leave. 

Next on the lecture list for Dr. Dunbar is Pet Dog Training - The Absolute Basics and then Puppy Training in Classes. Who couldn’t use a refresher on the basics? I think we are all sometimes guilty of getting bogged down in the minutia of behavior when dogs are typically very simple (*not easy*) creatures to work with.  These lectures by the esteemed Dr. Dunbar are certain to be entertaining, educational and poignant. Don’t miss out!


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