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Star Struck!

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Date: September 05, 2009

Author: Gail Jackson

September 5, 2009 - We truly have a great opportunity for meeting the speakers that will be attending the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show.  We as attendees have the opportunity to speak with each of our speakers about their books and the sessions that we just attended. 

The Question and Answer (Q & A) sessions scheduled after each speaking session are that opportunity to ask those questions that you had from the book you read before attending or to get more information about something they spoke about in the session you just attended.  The Q & A sessions are in smaller, more intimate rooms after each of the sessions. These give us each the opportunity to ask questions or get more information from the speakers or to just talk one-on-one with the speakers.  This also lets the speakers go deeper into the topic that they just spoke about for those that want more information. 

There are many great speakers presenting this year that have written many wonderful books so write down the questions that you have beforehand and bring them with you.  All of our speakers are very approachable and will answer whatever questions you have during the Q & A sessions.

Gail Jackson, CPDT


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