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So What in the World is the APDT General Membership Meeting?

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Date: September 06, 2009

Author: APDT

September 6, 2009 -The General Membership meeting is the place to be!  It is the place where you can:

- Meet & Greet your Board of Directors

- Learn how your organization is doing financially

- Hear exciting announcements about the future of APDT

- Get updates on the Education Initiative

- Meet other trainers in your regional group

And most importantly:

- This is your opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about the things that are important to you as an APDT Member

All APDT members should attend the General Membership Meeting.   You are the voice of the APDT.  This is your organization and by being there, voting and asking questions you are helping shape the future of the APDT.  Don’t let it happen without you!  Please join us at the meeting!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Come and introduce yourself to the Board of Directors (we don’t bite, honest, even Ian)! 


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