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Denise Mullenix to speak on Constructional Aggression Treatment

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Date: September 07, 2009

Author: Kim Downing

September 7, 2009 - On Saturday, October 24th, Denise Mullenix will give you an opportunity to better understand just exactly what Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) is and how it can be used, specifically for inter-dog aggression.

Aggression is one of the top reasons that clients seek out dog trainers and behaviorists.  Every case is different and not all techniques work the same way for individual dogs.  CAT offers a new way of thinking about aggression and introduces the concept of negative reinforcement.

CAT works in this way: If the reason a dog presents with aggression and exhibits signs like barking, growling, and lunging is because he has learned these displays make something (a person, another dog, etc.) move away from him, he has learned that aggression will relieve his discomfort.  CAT offers the idea that by breaking down this learned behavior and instead teaching the dog that his previous aggressive displays now only serve to keep the person or dog standing close and no longer run them away, we can teach the dog that new behaviors like calmness are what actually can make the person or dog leave. 

Denise will present actual case studies and applications of CAT, and you will be given the opportunity to learn what CAT is, how it is applied, and decide for yourself how negative reinforcement can affect aggressive behavior.

Knowing that aggression is one of the top reasons for non-medical euthanasia means that all dog trainers should have as many tools in their anti-aggression training tool kit to help clients and their dogs in the best possible way. 


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