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Looking Forward to Seeing Steve White Speak...

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Date: September 07, 2009

Author: Stephanie Colman

September 7, 2009 - He’s wired and fired and ready for fun! Steve’s gregarious personality will keep you on the edge-of-your seat as he imparts sound, scientific information in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner.  His history in law enforcement, including that of being a canine unit officer, trainer and supervisor for one of the largest police canine units in Washington State, makes him the perfect person to win over those who might not yet believe that humane, scientifically-sound, operant training techniques are for more than just basic obedience and tricks.  Yes, you really can click and treat (or mark and treat) for “serious” stuff!

I’ve seen Steve speak before, and every session is packed full of useful information.  I always leave with several valuable “Steve-isms” lodged firmly in my mind, and find myself referring back to them often.  His training techniques are innovative and effective, and he presents information in such as way as to make sense to audience members of all skill levels.

Rounding things out is the fact that he’s quite simply a nice and likable guy with whom you want to spend time.  Encouraging, down-to-earth, funny and gracious, he’ll likely become a fast favorite of anyone seeing him speak for the first time.  If that’s the case for you, the good news is you have several topics to choose from, as Steve is presenting three dramatically different lectures.  I’d personally be hard-pressed to choose just one, although, the idea that trainers sometimes struggle with meeting the training needs of their own dogs is different and truthful, and something I think many trainers can identify with.  The decision to cover such a topic is right in line with the kind of down-to-earth honesty and realism I’ve come to enjoy and expect from Steve White!  *click!*

Stephanie Colman


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