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Puppy Einstein at the Annual Trade Show

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Date: October 04, 2009

Author: APDT

October 3, 2009 - Puppy Einstein, Inc. is the brainchild of Sally Montrucchio, a ten-year plus veteran of

training dogs for people with disabilities. The focus of Puppy Einstein, Inc. is to present

the tools and methods used in training service dogs to the average, everyday dog owner

in a fashion that is easy to understand and fun to use. Any dog can be as obedient as

those trained to help people daily. All that is needed to succeed in training your dog to

behave like a professionally trained one is a little patience, a little desire and a lot of love

for your canine companion.

Sally Montrucchio is, and has been for over the past ten years, the Training Director for

Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs (TLCAD). TLCAD is a non-profit organization

that provides custom-trained Assistance Dogs to people with disabilities in San Diego

County, California. Sally had always tried to incorporate new and innovative methods

into her training and teaching. She knew that if she could create something that was easy

to understand and fun to utilize, then the typical dog-owner could succeed with dog

training as every member of her organization has.

Sally’s first step towards making Puppy Einstein, Inc. a reality was when she hired her

son, Tyson Montrucchio, an experienced, fifteen-year contributor to the world of

extreme sports video, to produce a training video to use as a supplemental tool to her

already successful methods of teaching how to train dogs. The project proved to be a

great success – all of the TLCAD trainers found it to be a wonderful addition to the

already wide repertoire of methods being used to teach them the practice of dog training.

With Tyson’s innovative and extreme edge towards video making and design, paired

with Sally’s knowledge and passion for dogs, Puppy Einstein, Inc. is sure to be one you

won’t want to miss. There are a few surprises in store for this year’s APDT Conference,

so be sure to stop by the Puppy Einstein, Inc. booth to see it all!


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