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Sarah Whitehead to Speak!

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Date: October 08, 2009

Author: Katya Lidsky

October 8, 2009 - Sarah Whitehead can make the entire puppy adoption process entirely easier and more fun!  With her many books and new online puppy training program, you you’re not in it alone when you’re trying to train that adorable little rascal not to chew on all your moldings.  Many of you have probably heard Sarah on various TV and radio programs or read her features and articles across a variety of magazines.  But seeing Sarah in person as she talks about how to prepare and deal with running puppy classes is a terrific opportunity!  As we all know, those little bundles of adorable can be maddening, and teaching several of them at once in a class requires some sanity saving skills.  There’s no one better than Sarah Whitehead to teach that and to puppy proof all of us so that we can be more effective, better trainers!

Katya Lidsky


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