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May 9, 2012

2012 APDT Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show

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Update 001 - May 9, 2012

Register Early - for the Best Deals

Registration opens May 21, 2012! Register early for special rates and to ensure your spot in the workshop(s) of your choice. The agenda and all the information on the speakers are posted on the APDT website, start planning your "can't miss" sessions.

Leading the Way...
With the Best Speakers

Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue DogThis year's conference will be keynoted by Susannah Charleson. Her critically well-received book Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog was published in April 2010. A fascinating read, it attracted the attention of television producers who have optioned it for television production for TNT. Watch the book trailer here:

Susan GarretSusan Garret, pre-eminent canine sports instructor and competitor. Susan's philosophy in dog training is to focus on what you "want" from your dog, rather than what you don't want. Susan is one of the most successful dog agility competitors of the last decade and will tell you how to Be the Cookie: How to Become What Your Dog Loves Best. Learn more about all the speakers here.

Why Am I Attending My 12th APDT Conference?

2012 will be my 12th conference. To me attending our conference is like going to a family reunion where you actually like your relatives. Interacting with my cousins who love dogs and training them as much as I do always recharge my batteries. It is an opportunity to see friends you only see once a year but will correspond with forever. It gives you cutting edge information how we can make our canine relationships better. We learn how to save dogs lives and teach owners how to communicate with their dogs. Does it get any better than that?

I hope you will join me at our 19th reunion in beautiful Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati this October. I promise you we have lots of fun, education and good times. I'm your cousin Rebecca, see you there!

2012 will be my 12th conference


This year's workshops are better and more numerous than ever before! Take your pick from a wide variety, including workshops on basic training skills, web marketing skills, and supporting clients who have lost an animal companion.

Feisty Fidos with Pia Silvani - Observe and learn skills and techniques used in teaching a reactive dog class.

Loose Leash Walking with Gail Fisher - Through video, live demonstration, lecture, roll-playing, and hands-on skills-building, this workshop offers a positive approach to teaching polite, loose leash walking to owners and dogs.

People Training for Dog Trainers with Hannah Branigan - Apply your dog training skills to dog owners with amazing results.

Build a Functional Foundation with Hannah Branigan - Learn teaching and troubleshooting skills for five foundation behaviors - sit, down, stay, come & mat.

Teaching People: More Success Less Frustration - TAGteach with Teresa McKeon - Get started using TAGteaching to improve your own human teaching skills.

Experiential Pet Loss Support Group-Sharing our Stories with Enid Traisman - Learn to help yourself and your clients navigate the grief of losing a beloved pet.

Kids & Canines: Effective Ways of Working with Children with Risë VanFleet - Children can be very effective dog trainers and this workshop will use role playing to demonstrate best practices for kids in family dog training classes.

Basic and Advanced Workshops on Building and Maintaining Your Website with Chris Lee - The basic workshop will help those new to designing creating a website, while the advanced workshop is designed for experienced webmasters looking to improve an existing website.

Location, Location, Location

This year's conference is located along the beautiful Ohio River in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati. The fall colors will be at their peak and should be beautiful. The Cincinnati airport is only a two hour flight for 60% of the US population. And of course that also makes an easy drive for many.

We will be using two adjoining hotels next to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center and the great news, if you are driving; both hotels are offering free parking for hotel guest. Reservations are now being accepted and rooms are booking up. Learn more about each hotel and select which one best suits you. Don't forget to mention APDT when you make your reservation.

Call For APDT Shorts Proposals

Have you ever sat in a lecture and thought I could do a better job than this? Well, here is your chance to find out if you can and get the APDT bump for your speaking career. You are invited to submit a proposal for an APDT Shorts presentation at the 2012 Annual Conference.

APDT Shorts are brief 45-minute presentations in a smaller setting allowing you to speak to a smaller, more attentive group of conference attendees. We are looking for proposals that support the APDT Mission Statement, covering topics which are new, timely and have not been presented at other venues.
Visit the APDT website for complete information on how to submit. If you have never spoken at an APDT conference this is a great way to get exposure to an APDT audience.
Submission Deadline - June 4, 2012

Border Collies - You Mean the Herding Types?

Border CollieAPDT Border Collies are a team of volunteer who make the conference run! We would love to have you volunteer with this fun group. The Border Collies help in many ways and you will meet and network with great people and form friendships which will last a lifetime. Many BCs volunteer year after year and these experienced BCs are joined by 1st time conference attendees. This combination is vitally important to help foster a positive Conference experience for all attendees and for the volunteering BCs.

We want YOU to be part of our team! Please send an email to and we will send you more information.

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Register Early - for the Best Deals
Leading the Way...With the Best Speakers
Why Am I Attending My 12th APDT Conference?
Location, Location, Location
Call For APDT Shorts Proposals
Border Collies - You Mean the Herding Types?


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