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Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA

Teoti Anderson, CPDT
Teoti Anderson, CPDT

Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, owns Pawsitive Results, L.L.C., and has been a professional dog trainer for more than 17 years. Teoti is the author of Your Outta Control Puppy, Super Simple Guide to Housetraining, Quick and Easy Crate Training and Terra-Nova Puppy Care and Training. She is also a columnist for Modern Dog magazine, and a contributing author to The Dog Trainer's Resource: An APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection (Parts I and II) and APDT's Top Tips from Top Trainers.

Teoti served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) for six years, serving as President from 2004-2006. She's been interviewed for Southern Living, DogFancy, The New York Times, Whole Dog Journal, Puppies USA and other national publications.

She is a popular presenter at conferences across the country and in Japan, sharing information on training, dog behavior, bite prevention, and volunteering with animals in healthcare facilities. Teoti is also a founding member of the Carolinas Trainers Forum, a networking group of dog trainers in North and South Carolina. She assists local and national dog rescue groups with fostering and training consultations.

A licensed Pet Partner for more than a decade, Teoti visits healthcare patients with her animal companions. Teoti also serves as a Pet Partners Instructor and Evaluator, teaching others how to volunteer with their pets and screening teams for the program. She also serves as Co-Chair of the National Team Evaluator Advisory Council. Teoti is the founding member of Prescription Paws, a Pet Partners® affiliate group. She shares her home with a Labrador Retriever, a Belgian Tervuren and a Papillon who reigns over it all.

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