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Doug Knueven DVM, CAC, CVA, CVAH

Doug Knueven DVM, CAC, CVA, CVAH
Doug Knueven DVM, CAC, CVA, CVAH

Dr. Doug Knueven received his veterinary degree from Ohio State University in 1987 and has been practicing veterinary medicine in Beaver County, Pennsylvania ever since. 

Dr. Knueven has earned certification in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary Chinese herbal medicine and veterinary chiropractic. He also has advanced training in natural nutrition, massage therapy and homeopathy.

Dr. Knueven has been practicing alternative veterinary medicine since 1995. He lectures on the subject at state and national veterinary conferences including the annual AVMA convention and the North American Veterinary Conference which is the largest veterinary conference in the world. He has written two books on the subject; Stand by Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share Together, and The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog.

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