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Amanda Leonard, BA, MA

Amanda Leonard, BA, MA
Amanda Leonard, BA, MA

Amanda grew up on Long Island, and received her Bachelor degrees from the University of Delaware in Anthropology and East Asian Studies in 2007 before moving to Washington, DC to spend a year working at the Washington Humane Society (WHS). Amanda left WHS to attend graduate school at The George Washington University in Washington, DC where she recently received her Master's degree in Anthropology.

While at the WHS, Amanda worked as a canine temperament evaluator and also as an enrichment coordinator. Her time at WHS was the inspiration for the research she conducted on Big Black Dog Syndrome as well as on the relationship between gender and spay/neuter rates, while earning her Master's at GW. Amanda’s research on black dogs has been published in the Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers, a scholarly journal out of the University of California-Berkeley.  Amanda is the creator of The Black Dog Research Studio, a website designed to disseminate scholarly research on Black Dog Syndrome to the animal welfare community.

Amanda lives in College Park, MD with her fiancée and their four rescue cats: Helen, Jasmine Sassylashes, Guinness, and Oliver.  Amanda is currently the Shelter Outreach Specialist for


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