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Theresa McKeon, BA

Theresa McKeon, BA
Theresa McKeon, BA

After more than 30 years as a competitive gymnastic coach, Theresa was determined to find a tool that could create faster, sharper communication with her athletes. She had been using clicker training with her horses and thought that with a few adjustments, the audible marker or ‘clicker’ could be part of a program to increase skill acquisition in humans and improve coach/athlete communications. She was right.

Along with Joan Orr and Karen Pryor, Theresa created the application now known as TAGteach or Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. Today, TAGteach has expanded into a program for students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds including: sports, education, business management, military, family interactions, medical training, corrections and animal professionals.

Theresa designs and presents TAGteach workshops and seminars around the world including: USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

View her video presentation for the upcoming conference!


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