Presenting: Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops

The Association of Professonal Dog Trainers (APDT) is seeking educational content for the Annual Conference and Tradeshow!

We are looking for presentations that:

  • "Break out of the mold"
  • Feature fresh, innovative content that has not been presented elsewhere
  • Give attendees the chance to connect and interact with each other AND with YOU!
  • Learn tangible, real, applicable methods and skills that can be implemented immediately
  • Feature information that focused on "How" rather than "About" or "Why"
  • Includes demos, videos, and plenty of visual aid
  • Provides hands-on
  • Is targeted to either those brand new to the topic being presented OR targeted to those highly experienced in the topic
  • Address Animal Learning, Human Learning, Behavior, Business, Laws & Regulations, as well as Health & Nutrition (Learn more about our Body of Knowledge)

Criteria Checklist:

Please ensure EACH proposal meets the following:

  • One application PER topic is complete (Incomplete submissions will NOT be reviewed)
    • Spell check and Word Count are NOT available in the on-line form
    • Recommend drafting proposals in a word processing software
    • All fields with an asterisk * are required
    • Print/save a copy for future reference
    • If you do not receive automatic emailed confirmation, please re-submit or follow up at
    • Speakers who have not previously spoken for APDT will be asked to provide a video sample of a live presentation
  • Presentation is not a sales pitch for a product, book or DVD, or program.
  • Format contains interactivity, visual aid, demo, etc and is NOT lecture only
  • Topic is fresh, innovative, and provocative
  • Content focuses on "how" attendees can do it, and be applied immediately
  • Content is aimed at attendees highly experienced in the topic OR brand new to the topic
  • Falls within at least one of the APDT Body of Knowledge Subject Areas
  • Is one of at least three proposals, or is a full-day topic
  • Review the Submission to Speak Checklist to identify all required information. (new PDF below)

How Will You Know if You Are Selected?

  • All applicants will be contacted by December 31, the year PRIOR TO the relevant conference year (Ex: 2014 speakers will be notified by December 31, 2013).
  • A Speaker Contract outlining details and requirements will be provided to selected speakers.
  • I understand that presenting at the APDT conference includes being recorded for the online library/audio DVD for that year's conference. I understand that my talk may also be livestreamed via the internet. I agree to have my talk recorded and possibly live streamed.

Recording and Livestreaming of Presentations

All presentations at the APDT conference are recorded for our audio DVD of each year's conference, which is also available as an online library. Presentations may also be livestreamed over the internet. Proposals from presenters who are not willing to be recorded and livestreamed will not be considered.

Please remember that we receive a large number of proposals and can only select a small number of speakers each year. We receive many wonderful proposals we are not able to select due to limited speaker slots.


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