The Relevance of Breed to Pet Dog Issues

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The Relevance of Breed to Pet Dog Issues

with Janis Bradley

People often say, “they’re not like other dogs,” of their favorite breed. No one disputes selective breeding can influence behavior. We want to be able to predict the probable future behavior of dogs in order to choose appropriate companions and to anticipate problematic behaviors such as aggression toward humans. Most dog professionals have expectations about behavior based on breed, often assuming that each has a “hard wired” set of impulses that are particularly difficult to modify, even with sound training techniques. We’ve learned the conventional professional wisdom which then guides our perceptions of our anecdotal experience, applied to both purebred and mixed breed dogs. But current research doesn’t offer much to support these biases, which rest on three assumptions: that dogs are readily identifiable as members of a particular breed; that behavior can be reliably predicted according to breed; and that the behaviors associated with specific breeds are relevant to the role of companion for human families. This webinar will examine the current research relevant to these questions, including a brief history of the selection processes that brought us the modern purebred dog, issues of identification of mixed breed dogs, and some basic principles of behavioral genetics.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will understand the current research regarding predictability of behavior by breed.

2. Participants will learn alternatives to breed labeling of mixed breed dogs.

3. Participants will learn several alternative models for normalizing behavior in client consult settings.

Presenter Information:

From 2000 through 2009, Janis Bradley trained more than 400 professional pet dog trainers at the San Francisco SPCA’s Academy for Dog Trainers, the program that came to be known as the “Harvard for dog trainers.” Now she continues this work as the owner of the Dog Training Internship Academy ( Bradley is the author of Dogs Bite, but balloons and slippers are more dangerous, the complete guide to research on dog bites, along with Dog Bites: Problems and Solutions for The Animal and Society Institute, and The Relevance of Breed in Selecting a Companion Dog for the National Canine Research Council. She lives in Oakland, California with rescued Greyhounds Henry and Annie. Janis believes that we have dogs because we like to wake up laughing and that fostering this kind of relationship between people and their pets is the best way to make the world better for dogs and their people. A former college teacher, counselor, and administrator, Janis helped adult students accomplish their long deferred dream of a college degree, work that was much like her current mission, helping people realize the dream of becoming professional pet dog trainers.



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