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Dogs and Dominance - What Does Science Say?

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Date: July 04, 2012
Time: 12:00-1:30pm ET
Cost: $25.00 for Members
$55.00 for Non-Members
Target Audience: Beginning Trainer, Intermediate Trainer, Advanced Trainer, Non-Trainer
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Dogs and Dominance: What Does Science Say?

With Drs. Suzanne Hetts & Dan Estep

There is a dramatic disconnect between what behavioral scientists know about social dominance in animals and how the concept has been applied to the social relationships dogs have with other dogs and with people. This is not just an academic argument, but has significant implications regarding the training and welfare of pet dogs and the human animal bond. Learn what science has to say about social dominance, including three lines of evidence that show striving to be at the top of a hierarchy is NOT the basis for social relationships for either wolves or dogs. Discover what behaviorists studying social relationships in dogs now think are the most important factors influencing the formation of those relationships and how you can help promote safe and mutually beneficial ones.

Learning Objectives

  • How the science of animal behavior views social dominance
  • Factors influencing the social relationships dogs form
  • How to help dogs form good social relationships

Presenter Information

Dan Estep and Suzanne Hetts are both Certified as Applied Animal Behaviorists by the Animal Behavior Society. They are internationally known and regarded as pet behavior consultants, educators and public speakers with over 60 years of combined experience. They offer educational resources on applied animal behavior to trainers, behavior consultants and veterinary professionals through their websites, and They live in Denver, Colorado with their spoiled Irish Setter, Coral.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • CCPDT: 1.5 CEUs
  • IAABC: 1.5 CEUs
  • KPA: 1.5 CEUs
  • IACP: 1.5 CEUs


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Phone: 1.800.PET.DOGS

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